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How to Read Palms

The shape of our hand, fingers, thumb, the lines and mounds on the palm offer an insight into the traits of our nature as well as our future.  It may also be noted that these features of the hand keep changing with times. That is the reason it is often said that our fate is in our hands.

Which hand should be seen?

There are three views about which hand should be seen.

1. Some palmists are of the opinion that it is the dominant hand of the person that reveals information about his personal traits. Moreover, we use our dominant hand to take action. So, our actions—karmas—combined with our personal traits revealed through the dominant hand determine our future. Hence, there is a need to read the palm of the dominant hand.

2. Traditional palmists believe that the left hand of the female and right hand of the male should be read.

3. According to the scientific view, both the right and the left hands should be read. If one hand is dominant, it does not mean that the other hand does not work at all.

It is also believed that while the left hand indicates the natural traits of the character and personality of the individual, his right hand reveals how he uses his personal traits into actions. This theory changes in case of left-handed people.

Important features of the palm that need to be studied are:

Texture and flexibility
 The texture and flexibility of both the front and back of the hand reveals the nature of the person. A soft textured and flexible hand indicates a sensitive personality, while the coarse texture and stiffness indicate the tough nature.


The colour or shade of the blood flowing through the palm reveals the health of the person. A pinkish hue indicates health, yellow shows excessive bile production and blue means problems in blood circulation.


While the long nails show a person is creative, square nails point to orderliness and discipline.


There are several mounts on the palm. Their names, features and the personal traits that they signify are the same as in Astrology. They are the mounts of Jupiter, Mercury, Apollo, Saturn, Venus, Mars and Moon.


They are the most important feature of palm reading. There are the lines of heart, head, fate and life. The characteristics of lines are also associated with the features of the ruling planets and the mounts located close to them.  For example, the line of fate is also called the line of Saturn. The line of affection is associated with the mount of Mercury. 

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