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Beginner’s Guide to Palmistry

Palm reading brings so much curiosity. There is whom we call palm readers that do this. They have the ability to sense and read beyond the ordinary. They have mastered the art of palm reading not only because of their innate inner sense but also because of extensive experience and endless studying. Psychic palm readers are the only ones who can provide a good psychic reading through palmistry but they share this art to anyone who wants to learn palmistry and the secret behind it.

First thing to know is the four major lines in the palm because these lines define the person. The four lines are called the heart, head, life, and fate. The heart line is read to know the person’s emotions and perspective about love. Though this defines a person’s emotions in general, the heart line can also show the state of the physical heart. This line is positioned horizontally on our palm at the upper portion nearest the fingers. The line positioned below the heart line is the head line. The head line is all about the intellect of someone. Like for example, if the head line is a little curvy, this means that the person is more inclined to art and when it is straight then most probably that it is science he is interested with. The third line is the slanting one that runs from the thumb toward the wrist. This is the life line. It defines the person’s way of living. It can tell if someone is the energetic type or the cautious one. Like if the life line is long then it is saying that the person has vitality while the short ones tell that he is easily controlled by others. The fourth line that intersects all the others is called the fate line. The fate line tells how much a person is influenced by external factors. In this case, destiny is considered an external factor. If a person is the type that goes with the flow without thinking how he can really live his live to the fullest will show in his life line.

This is just the first part in trying to learn palmistry. If this already spark curiosity then do further research about the shapes of the palms, the mounts on them, and even fingerprints. Learn palmistry by reading books and articles. Have a palm reading for yourself to know how this art is exercised by someone who knows the ins and outs at heart. Just always keep in mind that palm reading that is exercised without a psychic ability to back it up should be for entertainment only and to gain an insight of the art. Anyone who really wants to learn palmistry must awaken his innate psychic ability first. Only psychics can read deeper than the lines and mounts in the palm because beyond the physical hands they receive visions about the person much more valuable. Just keep in mind that the power of palmistry is only great when used and received properly.


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