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Tips on Palm Reading

Palm reading is the process of reading one’s hand lines and relating it to some concepts that formed him/her the way he/she is in today’s time. Through the hand shape one may associate his/her character traits with few observations on his/her hand. Here are the ideas on how to palm reading through the shape of the hand.

For people who have broad and square palms, you are considered to be under the element earth. With this element in hand, you may be able to see that your hand shape is most likely appearing to have thick skin. You Here are some characteristics an Earth element like you posses.

  • You have a constant way of dealing with things. You stick with your values and looks into the other activities in a stubborn way. It is your own prerogative to deal with the good or bad side of sticking to your values.
  • You may also posses the characteristic of being responsible. However, you sometimes go with the materialistic goodness of life

For people who have rectangle in shape palms, you can be under the air element. There are some parts of the fingers which may appear bulging. The thumbs are very low and you may have quite a dry skin.  Here are some characteristics an Air element like you posses.

  • You are very socially active. You tend to go in a place without the fear of being a wall flower. With this, people become easily at ease with you and your presence is very much appreciated.
  • With your outgoing attitude, sometimes may be as moody as possible, you tend to do things in a wild manner. You go with a very complex way of dealing with the activities you participate into.

A person who has a long and an egg-shapes palm are known to be part of the Water element. . The fingers are shaped in such a way that it resembles a candle stick.  The length of the fingers and the palm are closely the same. Here are some characteristics a Water element person like you posses.

  • People under this element are very creative. They tend to incline in the arts side and thus produce masterpieces that awe the spectators of their work.
  • People in this element can sometimes be very vocal about their emotions. They tend to be sympathetic with regard to an experience that has closely brought their heart in a huge spin. This just greatly shows how much great heart Water element people posses

People who have square to rectangular palms with a very pink skin due to too much blood flowing around it, you are considered to be under the fire element. Your Here, your fingers are small in size compared to your palm. Here are some characteristics a Fire element like you posses.

  • You are the type of person who blurts out the things that are needed to be said. With this, you tend to become honest in some people’s eyes with an optimistic attitude. Most people highly attest to the optimistic side you have
  • You are sometimes very into yourself. You tend to become impressed with just little achievements you have acquired. With this, some people may observe and regard you as an impulsive person. There are times where in you misunderstand things and become insensitive.

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