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More on the Palmistry Chart

Charts are used as reference. It is an illustration that represents something important like data or reports. It is also used to avoid confusion in certain studies. In the world of palm reading there is a chart that helps psychics interpret the relationship between the lines and forms in palms. This is called the palmistry chart. Palmistry chart does not provide psychic reading. Knowing what each line means is still for the palm reader to do but a palmistry chart can help significantly especially for those new in the art.

Palmistry chart contains the lines and mounts in a palm. It is shown in a palmistry chart the four major lines in a palm namely the heart, hear, life, and fate. The heart line is all about emotions and anything that has to do with the heart even literally. A heart line can tell something about the love life of a person, whether he is happy, contented, or depressed. The head line on the other hand is all about what is going on inside the head. The head line defines the intellect of a person. It can tell if a person is more of a scientist or more of an artist. Then there is the life line. The life line defines the way a person lives his life. It can tell if a person is extrovert or introvert among others. The aforementioned lines based on the palmistry chart are all parallel with each other. The heart line is on the upper portion of the palm, then the head, then the line. The fourth line is what intersects the three. The fate line is all about the external factors that can influence a person. Some may call it destiny. The fate line suggests how a person reacts to these external factors and how hardly or easily he is influenced. Aside from the lines, the palmistry charts also show mounts. These are the extra flesh below each finger. There are six type of mounts as the chart says namely mount of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury, and Luna.  These mounts depending on which finger it is located signifies something about the person. Like for example, having a mount below the thumb which is classified as the mount of Venus signifies beauty and creativity. While the mount located below the index finger tells that the person is responsible and a true leader.

Palm reading is a very complex art. It tells something beyond what the palmistry chart can show but still it is a start. A palm reader can give ample amount of insights about anyone because the palms hold so much information that only a genuine psychic can harness. Just keep in mind to always have a rational mind when having a palm reading session or any psychic reading for that matter. Psychics can help a lot in opening understanding and sharing knowledge. When this understanding and knowledge are used for the good then the power of the psychic and their tools like the palmistry chart have served their purpose.


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