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Palmistry invokes a sense of curiosity, mystic, fear, and thrill within all. Highly prevalent and in vogue throughout the world, Palmistry has roots that can be traced to the ancient country, India. True, ancient in nature and origin, Palmistry is of different types. And among them, Indian Palmistry is held to be the oldest with a history spanning nearly 3000 years.

So what is Indian Palmistry?

The science of reading, deciphering meanings for analysing potential abilities, inherent nature, and predicting future is known as Palmistry. Indian Palmistry, otherwise known as Samudrika, is Palmistry that has been practised in India since thousands of years till date to help individuals in tapping their hidden potential and guiding them towards their goals.

Palmistry has developed differently in both East as well as West worlds. Research reveals that while the West school of Palmistry focuses mainly on psychic readings, in India, the focus is greatly on the past and future of an individual. This is particularly useful if individuals want to know more about their own potentials and discern their future. There are mainly two schools of thoughts namely the Samudrika and Skanda schools of Indian Palmistry.

Indian Palmistry can be extremely useful for discovering one’s nature, aptitudes, and hidden potential, marriage compatibility and related information, career information, and forecasting of any dangers that might come in way.

The main lines which are read and scrutinised in Indian Palmistry include lines of father, mother, brother, sister, marriage, enemy, fame, vehicle, education, life, and many others.

Certain auspicious signs which are often sought for in Indian Palmistry include fish, bow, Trident, lotus, tree, circle, triangle, serpent, and many others. Such symbols when found at their destined places increase fame, fortune, status, wealth, respect, success, and guard from enemies, besides others.

Indian Palmistry, like other types of Palmistry, is a science, which needs rigorous and detailed study. Palmists who master this science to perfection enable us to discover our hidden talents, ward off dangers, and choose the right path to success.

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