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Lines, Interpretations & Elements

Palm reading or palmistry is an ancient art of fortune telling. It has been believed that it originated in Asia particularly in India and Egypt. Palm reading involves observing the lines of the palm and features in the hands. When a person uses his/her hands, it creates features like lines, marks, shapes and points. Here, it was expressed to provide a person with predictions about their destiny. Palm reading also aims to analyze a person’s emotional and intellectual dealings. It knows how a person will interact with other regarding relationships, finances and work.
There are four major lines to be observed in palm reading. These are:

  • Heart line
  • Head line
  • Life line
  • Fate line (optional/some people do not possess a fate line)

Here are some interpretations of these lines:

The Heart line                  

  • Below the index finger – contented with your current love state
  • Below the middle finger – selfish
  • In between the middle and index finger – falls in love easily
  • Straight – do not have much interest in love
  • Intersects with the life line – can easily be heart broken
  • Curvy – can freely express emotions
  • Broken line – experienced or experiences emotional trauma

The Head line

  • Short – prefers to experience physical achievements than mental
  • Curvy – creative
  • Completely separated from the life line – adventurous and enthusiastic about life
  • Long – clear thinking and focused
  • Straight – realistic thinker
  • Broken line – inconsistent thinker

The Life line

  • Close to the thumb – easily gets tired
  • Curvy – energetic
  • Long – pure vitality
  • Short – can easily be manipulated by other people
  • In a semi-circle shape – possesses strength and enthusiasm
  • Straight – very cautious in relationship dealings
  • Splitted or multiple life lines – possess extra strong vitality
  • Broken line – can experience sudden change in life style

The very next step of palm reading is determining one’s hand shape. The hand shape is related to the person’s character. The length of the palm, on the other hand, is also observed. It is measured from the wrist up to the bottom of the fingers.
Here are the four elements associated with the shape of hands.

    • Earth – the palms are broad and square in shape. The skin is thick and course. A person may possess a ruddy color. The length of the palm is almost the same with the length of the fingers
    • Air – the palms are square or rectangular in shape. The knuckles are protruding. The thumbs may be very short. The hands are observed to have a dry skin. The length of the palm is less than the length of the fingers
    • Water – the palm is in oval shape. In this element, the palm is expected to be long, flexible and possesses conical fingers. The length of the palm is almost equal with the fingers too. However, the width across the palm is longer than the fingers.
    • Fire – the palms are in square or rectangular shape. The skin is observed to be flushed or pinkish. Fingers are shorter than the length of the palm.


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