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One way to learn Palmistry is to buy popular palmistry books written by renowned palmists and study them on your own. But the problem in self study is that you cannot seek clarifications of your doubts and questions from the authors of the books. Your knowledge, therefore, will remain half baked. The other way is to learn palmistry online through the internet.

Online Learning

Learning Palmistry could never be easier after the advent of broadband Internet. It is now quite easy to learn Palmistry from the comfort of your home and at your own pace and convenience. The advanced multimedia techniques have made it possible for the students and the teachers to interface live with each other on the computer screens. Of course, there are other internet platforms for interaction as well such as live chat or emails.

There is usually a flexible schedule of taking lessons ranging from six to twelve or even eighteen months. The subscriptions can be renewed, if required.

The student and teacher community remains fully interactive with each other. You can ask questions, seek clarifications, discuss your problems and exchange notes with your teachers, seniors and peers. When you are in a community, you never feel alone and learn from the experiences of other members.

You can take up Palmistry course as a beginner, or, even if you already have some knowledge which can be brushed up and advanced.

The Course Content

The information provided in the course content is often very extensive and can enable you to qualify as professional hand analyst. The course includes information of skin texture, consistency, color interpretation, the zones and areas on the palm, the mounts, their features and their development, the fingers and their lengths, tips, and shapes, thumbs, shape of the hand, finger prints, skin ridge patterns, active and passive hands, the lines on the palm, their origin, direction, quality and ending of the major lines. There are lines of heart, head, fate, Apollo and Mercury and minor markings such as Teacher's Square, the Rings of Solomon, Saturn, Apollo and Mercury, attachment lines, children's lines, travel lines, and so on.

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