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With roots that can be traced back to 3000 BC in China and 500 BC in the writings and practice of mystics, gypsies, and scriptures in India, Palmistry is the science, or pseudo-science of study of palms. Chiromancy, a branch of Palmistry, focuses on the minute study of the palm lines and also other features of the palm and fingers. Such palm lines, unique to each and every individual and existing from the time of birth, are used to draw and form what is known as the palmistry chart.

Palmistry chart is based on the accurate drawings of the lines found on the right palm of a person. Such lines are believed to be the exact impressions left by our numerous experiences on our brain. The shape of various lines, flexibility of the palm, shape and size of the palm, moon positions on the nails, and many other traits and physical attributes are studied while charting the palmistry chart of a person.

The main lines of study in a palmistry chart include lines of:

  • father,
  • mother,
  • brother,
  • sister,
  • marriage,
  • enemy,
  • fame,
  • vehicle,
  • education,
  • life, and many others.

These aforementioned lines together with other traits and symbols make up the palmistry chart of a person.

Modern palmistry studies the palmistry chart with psychic invocations and other forms of healing along with the traditional techniques of study, analysis, and prediction.

Palmistry lines shown in a palmistry chart are usually studied to predict and analyse a person’s nature, attributes, career, studies, health, family, marriage, hidden potential, travel, enemies, fears, and many other qualities, including forecasting of any foreseen dangers.

Palmistry charts always represent a detailed account of the various important lines and other signs, with their meanings and significance, which are found on studying the palms of different individuals.  A highly valuable and interesting study, palmistry charts when studied by expert palmists do reveal and reflect the behaviour patterns and sometimes, serve as a tool for inner-realisation.

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