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Today, there is so much more to lose when bad decisions are made. People have to work hard to gain the things that they have, making it more painful to lose these things. Moreover, it is not just material things that can be lost. Even relationships and serious problems can cause them to lose loved ones as well as the life that they have dreamed to have. Being so, people are prone to being scared of making mistakes and failing. Not everyone is bold enough to take risks. If only they can have something that assures them of possibilities and potentials, they will certainly have enough to move forward. This is how psychics can help them.

Psychics have the ability to gain knowledge using methods that go beyond the five senses. Many people consider it as the 6th sense or ESP. People have been consulting with psychics for thousands of years now. In the earlier days, the only way to consult with them is to see them personally. Today, technology has enabled psychic phone reading to be done over the phone and online. There are not a lot of websites that offer this kind of service, making it more convenient for people to consult with experts.

Each website has its own instructions on the consultations. You can have your own membership ID, which you will use to call them. This same account will be charged for the calls that you make. You can preload your psychic phone reading account with credits that you will use to call the phone numbers. You may also hang up at any moment because your account will only be charged for the specific number of minutes that you were connected to the number. This is actually very convenient because you don’t have to worry about exceeding your budget. You can fully concentrate on what the psychic is saying on the other end of the line because the psychic readings will be given to you only when you have credits left on your account. There will be an automatic warning if you are running out of credits, too, so you can reload it if you are not yet done with the call.

Choosing which website to call and which psychic to consult would require some research on your part. People usually have their preferred psychics especially since experts do have different skills when it comes to interpreting meanings as a part of the lives of the subjects. It is always best to ask people within your network for suggestions and referrals. This is the best way to make sure that you are getting a psychic who can make accurate readings. There are also blogs and articles that can help you learn more about psychics. These resources also give recommendations and lists of the most reputable psychics that offer consultations.

Generally, the different psychic services are now offered online and over the phone. There are several methods to choose from. Psychic phone reading services are also very affordable because charges are on a per-minute basis.


Australian credit card callers $2.50 per minute, please phone 1800 732 337 Billed as: Truepay

USA and Canada callers, please phone 1 888 22 22 338 $2.50 AUD
per minute (credit card)

New Zealand callers, please phone 0900 800 80 $3.50 NZD per minute or
09 925 0444 $2.50 AUD per minute (credit card)

UK and London Caller Please phone 870 495 8019 $2.50 AUD
per minute (credit card)

Or email us at psychichelpdesk(at)gmail.com


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Psychic Phone Readings
Australia 24/7 Auto Service

1800 732 337 *

Manual Service

1800 222 362 **

Credit card - Service Providers:
* Truepay and ** Access Positive
$2.50 AUD/min & 15 minutes $37.50 AUD