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The Art Of Palm Reading

Palm reading is one of the most popular methods to read a person’s life and personality. Anyone can try reading palms to have a glimpse of what is in store for them or for someone else but palm reading is an art. There is a certain technique that makes it dependable and accurate. Psychic palm readers know it and all the ins and outs of palms. They are the ones who can comprehensively read each lines and prints. Though psychics are the ones who can do palmistry better, the art of palm reading is not a secret. For those curious, here are the basics of this special art.

First is to know the major lines in a palm. There are four: the heart, life, head, and fate line. The heart line is the most visible line perpendicular to the fingers. It describes the relationships and emotions of the person. Depending on the length and the position, the heart line can tell if the person is contented in love or if he does not have a serious relationship. The next one is the line below the heart. This line is called the head line. If the heart line is about emotions, the head is all about knowledge and intellect. The head line can describe the capability of the person, like for example whether he is more inclined to science or to art. Parallel the head line is the life line. Life line is about well-being, life changes, and the physical capacity of the person. It can define the energy level of the person. It can also tell sudden changes in the lifestyle. Then there is the line that intersects all three. The fate line is all about external factors. Some can call it destiny. The fate line defines a person’s vulnerability against the external factors. These four lines can already give an idea about a person but the shape of the hand can add a little more. Hand shapes are classified into earth, water, fire, and air. These classifications come with a general description on how a person is.  Those with earth hand shapes are said to be responsible and strong-willed. Air hand shapes are said possessed by sociable, talkative, and sometimes shallow individuals. Creativity on the other hand is for those who have a water hand shape. And lastly, people who have fire hand shapes are defined as spontaneous and optimistic.

These basics can help anyone try their own palm reading skills. But if it will be done without a psychic background then whatever result should not be taken seriously. Only a psychic can properly provide a psychic reading through palmistry. They can go beyond the basics. Psychics can include in their reading not only the palm but the fingers as well. This additional knowledge gives genuine palm readers the edge. Know that lines on the palm can change through time that is why anything learned from a palm reading should be used only as guidance and not as a reference on how to live life.


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