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Palmistry is the science of reading the features of the palm including lines, their patterns, marks, mounts and other formations to foretell the future.

Palmistry on Internet

With the proliferation of internet, almost every area of knowledge, including palmistry can be accessed online. Online resources of Palmistry have done away with the limitations of finding the right palmist and spending  the time to meet him in the local areas. Palmistry online provides opportunities both to learn palmistry and also to seek counseling and guidance from the competent palmists on your personal problems from the comfort of your home.

Learning Palmistry online

There are several organizations, institutes and individual gurus or pundits that provide hand- reading course online. You can learn to analyze the lines on the hand and enjoy the benefits of learning throughout your life.

The lessons are imparted online in form of e-books, articles, audio- visual aids and similar media. The students may contact their instructors through emails, online chats or internet telephony.

Learn at your Convenience

As an online student you can learn the hand analysis techniques through the palmistry lessons. The lessons are delivered in form of tutorials distributed over a graduated span of time. For example, you may get one tutorial every week and may thus finish your course in one year. These tutorials enable you to quickly look up individual hand features. You can test the level of your knowledge through the online tests and quizzes that are held periodically. You receive the feedback from your guides and tutors to make further improvements.

Certification and Career

A major advantage of learning palmistry online is that you learn at your own speed and leisure. You can pick up fast and cover the course in a shorter span of time. At the end of your course, you complete your examination online and get the certificate that may enable you to take up Palmistry as a career.

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