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How to Read a Palm

There are four primary lines in one’s palm. These are the life line, head line, heart line and fate line. Some people do not have the fate line. Nonetheless, the first three lines are automatically drawn in our palms at birth.

Here are some guidelines on how to read a palm.

Life line

In reading the life line, here are the things you must observe. You must be able to look into the details in order to gain insight of what the person’s personality is. If the life line is curvy, the person is said to have a lot of energy. This involves gaining the ability to stay strong during even after a stressing day at work. A long and deep life line indicates one’s energy. This involves being able to showcase his/her vitality in the activities he/she does. Short life line indicates one’s weakness. With this, the person tends to become nuisance to the tricks of bad people. They tend to be manipulated by others. If the life line is close to being rounded, it indicates/her enthusiasm. This involves the person being stronger even if faced with trials in life.

Head line

Here are some observations you may present when dealing with the head line. Along with these observations are explanations or meanings. A curved head line indicates one’s creativity. With this line, you may be able to observe the styles and things one can do through the use of his/her mind creativity. The head line and life line commonly meet at a certain point. Nonetheless, there are some people whose head line and life line are separated. This instance indicates lack of boredom. It allows you to show the enthusiastic side of you. Having a too curvy line indicates one’s short span of attention towards discussing things. With this, the people who have this characteristic tend to become more dependent over people who have longer attention span. A short head line indicates one’s preference over physical things than mental ideas. Consequently, if you have a long head line, you are more intellectual and brain user. Having a deep and long head line describes one’s focus. Having the ability to stay focused indicates that this person has cleared his/her mind for the better.

Heart line

Experts say that this line involves one’s emotional well-being and perspectives in relationships. If the heart line begins just at the bottom of the index finger, you are known to be grateful of the current love dealing you have. On the other hand, if the line starts below the middle finger, you are selfish towards the love of your life. However, if it falls between the middle and index finger, you tend to fall in love in an easy manner. If the heart line is short, you are regarded as less romantic. The shorter your heart line is, the lesser you are interested in dealing with romance. If your heart line was able to touch your life line, you tend to become sorrowful towards breakups. With this, your heart tends to become easily broken.

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