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Palmistry of Relationship

The process of forming a bond with another person is analogous to going for a drive in the country. We can venture forth with no goal in mind, and take whatever country lanes or woodland roads seem attractive. We may have the adventure of a lifetime, or we may become completely lost. However, with a map, we can still choose the interesting fork in the road; but we will always know where we are and where we are going. Palmistry is the roadmap we consult on our journey through life. The study of the features of the hand with its lines and signs allows us to see where we are-physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. The map of the hand shows us possible obstacles and impediments to our progress, which we can either avoid or transform.

Opposites often attract and the differences we bring to a relationship can be vitalizing and complementary; however, the reverse may be true and they can be devastating. It may be that we find our partner's differences initially appealing; yet, after a period of time, they become annoying. The friction created as a result of our new and demanding dynamic may provide an opportunity to grow. However, the challenge may prove painful and difficult.

John's short fingers are in sharp contrast to the long and tapered ones of his wife, Nancy. She was attracted by his refreshing, enthusiastic and unconstrained personality. He found that her quiet, mysterious and thoughtful temperament was particularly appealing and a respite from his hectic lifestyle. After they had been married a few months, however, their differences began aggravating each other. For example, they both enjoyed going to films; however, they always missed the first scenes of the movie. johnwould wait in the car for forty-five minutes, restless and fuming, while Nancy was still in the bathroom fastidiously flossing her teeth, unaware of his agitation.

Often it is the little things that cumulatively and insidiously ruin our relationships. In this case, with a little effort, both John and Nancylearned to accomodate each other's extremes. Nancy became more prompt, while John learned to be less frantic. In finding a middle ground, they both benefited.

What the Palm Says about Relationships


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