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Instructions of How to Read a Palm

Palm readers say that these lines highly suggest things that refer to ones personality. With this, there are many ways of reading the person through the help of these palm lines. Here are the instructions of how to read a palm.

Life line

The lifeline begins near one’s thumb. It may span up until the bottom of you palm towards you wrist. It reflects one’s physical health and over-all body well-being. With this, it involves being able to gain knowledge of the length of one’s life span. If the life line is close to the thumb, the person may be quite often stressing in work or school. This person is most of the time tired due to physical stresses he/she encounters.

  • Life lines being in multiple numbers may indicate one’s extra energy to do more work. Stopping him/her would not be enough because this person will greatly have the energy to move things up.
  • You may also observe little circles in the life line. If you have these kinds of circles, you must have been injured or hurt. With this, you are medically hospitalized for a certain sickness you have acquired.
  • If there are breaks in your life line, you may encounter changes in the future. These breaks indicate changes which may trigger sudden happiness or depression. With this, one must be able to get hold of their ability to interact with such changes

Head line

The head line indicates one’s learning capability. Basically it describes one’s intellectual capacity and the ability to communicate well with people. The people who have a prominent head line tend to be thirsty for knowledge. This line is highly lined with the person’s ability to think.

  • Having a straight head line indicates a person who thinks in a natural sense. He/she tends to become realistic visualizing all the sides of the story and not only the theoretical or wanted one.
  • There are some people who have crosses in their head line. This Involves having circles around the line. These characteristics indicate one’s inconsistencies in thinking. With this, one’s thought can appear blurred until gaining the strength to acquire focus.
  • If there are a couple of crosses which lie on the head line, there might be events in your life that require decisions. With these decisions laid out, you are faced with problems in decision making. It is in your own will to know more about these.

Heart Line

The heart line is normally found from the bottom of the index finger and spans towards the side of the palm. It can be read from either side. It is normally found on top of the hand.

    • Having a long heart line in a little curve shape means that you have the strength to show your emotions. This involves expressing your true feelings and deep-seated emotions.
    • If you have a curvy heart line, you are known to be a partner-person. You tend to go with a number of relationships and deal with too many lovers.
    • If you have circles on the heart line, you may either be experiencing sadness or depression.
    • You may also associate these characteristics with the broken lines that may be found. Broken lines indicate acquiring emotional trauma in life. With this, you tend to become more sentimental and sad

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