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Since there are many different kinds of palmistry and palm reading methods, the Palmistry – Site Map will help you locate the different topics that you want more quickly. This page will also give you a glance on what to expect on each of the pages in the website. We begin by discussing the definition of Palmistry, which is the branch of occult science that deals with studying the palm prints in order to help one gain information or knowledge about the past, future, and present. This comprehensive study also serves as proof that all lives are unique. The events, personalities, and other aspects of life vary for each person. We all have different palm prints and this automatically means that each one of us leads a different life. Palmistry unravels the hidden and undiscovered information that could help people improve their lives by taking better paths. Palmistry provides guidance to people who are too afraid of risks and uncertainties that led them to being stuck in worries and doubts.

The Site Map also covers history that discusses Indian Palmistry. It is said that Palmistry originated in India before spreading all over China and eventually finding its way to Egypt, Greece as well as Europe. Hand reading, as opposed to what many believe in, is not just superstition. Even during the early days, it was already considered as a science that was studied together with astrology. Up to this day, it continues to be developed and more people are becoming experts in this field. During the time of King Henry VII, palmistry was banned together with other practices that put labels on people as sorcerers. Today, however, it continues to flourish as more people rely on it to search for answers that could free them from worries and problems.

This Site Map also provides the link to Palmistry of Relationships, which helps determine where a person is at a certain point emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. It helps one evaluate what to avoid and take advantage of in order to improve his relationships with other people.

The I Ching method of Palmistry is on the same level as the method used in Feng Shui. It gives importance to geographical locations and can be consulted in a variety of ways. It is used to enter deep thought and self-examination. It also helps a person enter a state of consciousness that meditation also brings.

The Site Map offers information regarding the different numbers that one can call for psychic phone readings. The charges per minute are also indicated in order to let people compare the rates. The payment options are also listed for every number on the page. Basically, the Palmistry – Site Map serves as a portal to information people to need to know about palmistry. There are links to other related websites covering astrology, horoscope, and palmistry research.

The Site Map also contains links to Indian Palmistry, palm readings, palmistry lines, palmistry charts, and many other topics that can help a person who is interested in the field.



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