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Why Read Palms?

Palm reading is a way of knowing more about one’s self or others. It has been a practice since the ancient art was observed. It involves analyzing the features of one’s hand. With few observations and keen looking, a palm reader can easily know a person’s past, present and future dealing. Palm reading is also known as Chiromancy, Palmistry, and Hand analysis. Its common definition is, “The art of reading a person’s personality or future dealings with the use of the lines on his/her palms.”
The art of palm reading dates back into the ancient times. It was said to come from the Hindu astrology and gypsy fortune tellers. There was a book of palm readings found in the Hindu culture from 5000 years ago. Palm reading was made available to other countries in 3000BC. Some countries were palm reading paved its way to popularity were China, Egypt, Persia and Tibet. It was able to break it way through come parts of Europe and Greece.

How did palm reading evolve?

Palm reading spread through cultures worldwide. There have been modifications since palm reading was invented. Psychics commonly perform this act to their clients. This is commonly found in western cultures. These psychics and fortune tellers provide such service to their avid clients in the benefit of their divination shops. Palm readers sometimes execute palm readings together with other divination techniques such as tarot card readings, past life reading and fortune telling.

Looking through the lines of one’s palm

Palm reading suggests the main use of palm lines as the means of analyzing a person. The dominant hand is usually used. The reason behind the use of the dominant hand is that it is the one usually written with or used most of the time. Palm readings also need utmost observation of one’s hand shape. People’s hand shapes also show character about them. Different person possesses different hand shapes.  Hand shapes dictate one’s element may it be air, wind, water and fire. There are three major lines connected in one’s heart, head and life. These three major lines are analyzed too.

Why do palm reading?

Palm reading is usually sought after due to one’s need of self knowing. It can provide information about one’s character as well as future. People who acquire readings from this service commonly gain insight about what their future holds. Also, palm reading provides the clients useful tips in accomplishing challenges he/she faces or will face in life. This will also give one the idea of what to do in order to succeed in life.

Significance of palm reading

One should utilize palm reading for its positive benefits. The power of divination through palm reading can easily be held when one truly believes in its power. The knowledge about the future will provide one the satisfaction and confidence he/she needs. Some people may seek entertainment through palm reading. One can discover some hidden talents, skills and personality which they can greatly use in facing life challenges ahead of them.


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