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What the Palm Says about Relationships

It is said that the palm can show many things about a person. It can define the personality and outlook in life. But deeper than that many believe that the palm can show life events depending how the lines look like. It can tell something about marriage or breakup or disappointments or anything that has got to with love and relationship. The art of palmistry is no secret to anyone. Below are the basic of what palm readers called as palmistry of relationships.

First is about marriage and breakup. Marriage in palmistry is defined from the line of union. This line starts from the side of the palm up to the mount above the heart line, which is position above the major line nearest the fingers. This can show anything to do with marriage or the most important relationship of one’s life. The line of union is partnership.  If the line of union is straight and break-free then it means that the partnership is strong. While if the line has branches it foretells that the union is up for separation. But not only can the line of union tell something about partnership. The heart line too can support what the line of union is saying.  It is said that the shorter the heart lines makes the probability of disappointments in relationship much higher. Someone who experienced unwanted emotions can either make or break. The palmistry of relationship says that if there is a palm line connecting the heart and the head line which is located just below the former means that the person will emerge even stronger to face future relationships.

Second is about meeting the right one. The heart line tells something about a person’s way of falling in love to another. When a person’s palm has little star markings along his heart line it means that he most probably the type of person who falls in love at first sight. The heart line does not stop there. Palmistry of relationship also tells that when smaller lines that come from the heart line are pointing upward  means that the person most probably will be able to meet the love of his life, someone he is most compatible with though if these smaller lines are pointing downward it means otherwise.

Above are just two of the so many things a psychic can read from a palm. A psychic reading through palmistry can offer an array of fascinating truths and valuable warnings. But though so much powerful, psychic reading through palmistry should only be used as guidance especially with palmistry of relationship.  It is okay to ask for insights on the person you are with or the person you are fated to be but all things about love should never be dictated by the lines and mounts of a palm. It can only do as much as to warn you on possible events or possible wrong attitude toward relationship. But at the end of the day no art form can tell anyone who to love.


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