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Palmistry Charts

A chart is a visual or a pictorial representation of some information which facilitates the conceptual clarification and memorizing of the various aspects of the subject. It is of great help to the beginners to learn and remember facts and figures about the subject. We have examples of chart of physiology and anatomy, Geographical charts and so on displayed in the schools and colleges.

There are numerous features of a palm or the hand and it sometimes becomes difficult especially for the novices in palmistry to remember each feature and its predictive significance. The features of your palm and hand not only foretell your future, they also explain various characteristics of your personality. These personal characteristics, in turn, determine the type of your thoughts and the actions that are likely to flow from them. A combination of all these factors in action constitutes what is called fate or future.

The format of a chart may differ according to the difficulty level of the information contained in it. Usually a palmistry chart mentions a feature of the palm, fingers, thumb or the hand in one column and describes its futuristic significance in the next column, or just below the feature.

The formation of your thumb and its angular position, for example, has great significance which is much easier to remember if presented pictorially on the palmistry chart. Your thumb may be forming three angles, viz, small angel, medium angle and big angle. Each angle has its personal and futuristic significance.  Sometimes even the two thumbs of your hands may be resting at two different angles. A palmistry chart pictorially represents these thumb formations.

To elucidate further, a smaller left thumb angle than the right thumb angle signifies that you are never in a hurry to do the things in your personal life. You are very cautious and patient in your attitude.

Similarly the big angle on your left thumb indicates your eagerness to rush through the things and get them done right away. A thumb at a big angle literally shouts: I can do anything. 

Learning More About the Palmistry Chart


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