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Learning More About the Palmistry Chart

Today, more and more people are becoming interested in palmistry. Until now, it continues to flourish as a branch of science. There are a lot of areas that are covered by it and in order to fully understand it, one must invest a lot of time studying its history and development over the years. Aside from that, Palmistry also has other different branches under it, including Chiromancy.

Chiromancy is the minute study of palm prints as well as the other features of the hands. It has already been established that people have different palm lines so no two palms are the same. These palm prints basically help form the palmistry chart.

Palmistry charts are based on accurate drawings of the prints of a person’s right palm. These lines are exact impressions that represent the many experiences in the brain. The elements that must be considered in this study are the shapes of the lines, the palm’s flexibility, size, and shape, the nails’ moon positions, and many other physical attributes.

A palmistry chart’s lines of study consists lines of parents, the mother and father; siblings, both brothers and sisters; fame, marriage, vehicle, enemy, education, and other aspects of life. It also includes traits.

Palmist charts helps experts with the interpretation of the relationship between the forms and lines of the palm. While it does not directly help get psychic reading, it is relevant in doing so. It helps psychics know what the lines mean. It also consists of the 4 major lines that stand for the heart, life, fate, and head. Naturally, the heart line is for the emotions as well as anything related to the heart. It may be the person’s love life or literally his heart condition. The head line pertains to everything that goes on in the person’s head. The life line, on the other hand, represents how the person lives. The fate line would tell if a person is an introvert or extrovert. Based on the palmist chart, all these lines are parallel with each other. But aside from them, the chart also shows the mounts Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Apollo, Mercury, and Luna. All of these have meanings that are related to the person. Usually, they are attributes, characteristics, and aspects in his personality.

Modern palmistry, on the other hand, takes into consideration psychic invocations as well as healing methods in studying palmistry charts. Traditional techniques in studying, analyzing, and predicting are also used.

A palmistry chart shows palmistry lines that are studied by experts so that they can analyze the nature of the person. The expert also takes a look at is attributes, career, health, family, studies, and many more. Palmistry charts also stand for the numerous accounts of relevant lines and signs as well as their meanings and importance, which can be concluded based on the study of the palms of different people. Palmistry charts are often studied by experts because they promote the discovery of behavior patterns as well as aids for inner realization.


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