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Reading Palms Accurately

When it comes to fortune telling, one of the most popular methods is palm reading. Basically, this method separates itself from those that use the sixth sense. It is actually a branch of occult science that heavily relies on palm prints of the hand as well as its size, color, and texture. This means that learning it is much easier than other fortune telling methods that require the development of abilities that may or may not be there.

Anyone who is interested in learning how to read palms can find a lot of resources nowadays. Aside from books, there are videos and articles online that provide information and lessons from the experts. As long as there is dedication, patience, and passion, anyone will surely be able to learn how to read palms.

In learning palmistry, it is best to start with the general observations. Palms have small lines. More often, these small lines collectively have a meaning. Not every single small line stands for something. Interconnected small lines imply refinement, sensitivity, congeniality, and gentleness. Broken lines may imply a dramatic life.

There are also people who seem to have too many strong and vibrant lines on their palms. This implies more conviction as well as a forceful personality. This is more probably a person who can express his ideas accurately and accomplishes things the way he wants to.

Palms that have very few fine lines belong to people who are quiet, withdrawn, and very cautious. They have mild tempers and they are the epitome of cool. They will also turn out to be intelligent and sensitive. When they speak, they do it slowly but they make sure that they are direct. They maintain very few friends and they do not like crowds.

People whose palms have very few strong lines love working with their hands. They enjoy being outdoors building things like fences and even homes. They are focused, firm, and direct. They do not flinch when it comes to showing emotions. They do not show much tolerance for other people and they do not adapt to change that easily. They are also known for their loyalty and fortitude.

Soft hands also imply being sensual, magnetic, and impressionable. People find it easy to stay close to people with soft hands. It may be just to talk but it can also be to help with projects and ideas. People with soft hands are easy-going. However, hands that are full and way too soft imply laziness.

Firm hands belong to people who are tough and very persistent. They are very reliable because they accomplish things on time. However, they may be harsh.

Generally, these are the basics when it comes to palmistry. Of course, there are other elements that must be considered aside from the texture and lines. The joins and the direction of the fingers have meanings as well. It is always advisable to read books but one must also consider other sources of information especially learning straight from the experts who can answer questions.


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