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More on Indian Palmistry

One of the most popular methods used in clairvoyance or psychics is palmistry. It gives people hope as they see their future within their grasp, literally in their hands. All they have to do is find an expert who can interpret the lines in their palms in order to find out what is in store for them and to know more about themselves.

Palmistry actually has different types and one of the oldest is Indian Palmistry with its history dating back to almost 3000 years ago. Indian Palmistry is the art of reading palm prints to interpret meanings so that they can be used to analyze and predict the future, nature, and abilities of subjects. Also known as Samudrika, Indian Palmistry is practiced to help people discover their potentials that can give direction to their lives and set motion toward their goals. Palmistry may have evolved separately in the Eastern and Western worlds. However, Indian Palmistry focuses on the subject’s past and future. This is one of the main reasons why palmistry is quite popular. There are a lot of people who are interested in finding out things that they may have overlooked in the past and, of course, things in the future that may stop them from worrying and losing hope.

Usually, people ask about their careers and love life. They also want to hear things that can help them lift their spirits such as their hidden potentials, aptitude, and many others. They also ask about their current partners to find out if they are indeed compatible.

In Indian Palmistry, the main lines of the palm include the lines of parents, siblings, enemy, vehicles, education, fame, and life as well as other aspects. There are also some auspicious signs that people seek such as fish, Trident, bow, tree, lotus, triangle, circle, and many more. When these symbols are found in their rightful places, they can significantly increase one’s fame, status, fortunes, wealth, success, protection from enemies, and many more. Needless to say, Indian Palmistry takes a lot of effort to study. Expert palmists have the ability to interpret more accurately leading to more improved personalities, status, and futures. 

In a more general sense, the art of palm reading will start with the palm reader examining both of the individual’s hands. If the person is right-handed, his left hand is considered as his birth hand. This means that it contains the information about predispositions of his character. His right hand would reflect potentials, individuality, and flexibility. A left handed person would have the opposite. It’s also not just about the lines. The expert also takes a look at the shape of the hand, its texture, and size. Even fingers are classified according to colors - earth, air, fire, and water hand.

All in all, palm reading may have started as a myth during the time of fortune tellers, gypsies, and legends. Today, it has become a science. People who are interested in palm reading can study the basics in order to give more guidance to the lives of other people. 


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