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Hand Readings

Your hand can be divided into four quadrants. Each quadrant is linked to the planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Nonetheless, your palm may be observed into two sides. This is done by placing an imaginary line in your hand. By lining your hand from the middle finger down to your wrist, you may know observe the two sides of your palm. The Ascendant side is where your thumb is. This part is considered as your rising sign. It suggests your public image. It shows how people see you. The other side, on one hand where your pinkie finger is in is your interior personality. It is how you see yourself. This side is known as the Descendant or Sun sign. With this side, you may be able to look in yourself and how you relate with others. This area is so strong that it composes your personality.

Jupiter’s Quadrant

This area is related with the person’s individual life philosophy. It also discusses one’s morals and self confidence. It can provide one an idea about his/her leadership skills. A short Jupiter finger indicates a person who lacks purpose as well as ambition. The quadrant of Jupiter is found below the index finger near to the thumb.

Saturn’s Quadrant

This area relates one with his ability to attack math and logic. It may also be related to religion where a person grows into. This involves the practices he/she participates into as a ritual or tradition of the area they live in. A long middle finger suggests one of being wealthy and powerful. Along with this is the level of respect people provide him/her. However, a short and weak Saturn finger indicates a person who does not possess the will of achieving his/her ambition. If the middle finger is wide and thick, the person is expected to possess talent in music, crafts, sewing and cooking. Saturn’s quadrant can be found at the area which includes the middle finger and the flesh part beneath it.

Apollo’s Finger

It relates the characteristics of a person to the sun which Apollo symbolizes. It allows the palm reader to show a person’s influence in music and arts. This may also include one’s creativity in different forms. If the ring finder is long, the bearer is very artistic and creative.  If the Apollo finger is longer than the Jupiter finger, the individual may be observed to possess low self esteem. Lastly, a short Apollo finger suggests one of being weak in the area of family involvement. The finger of Apollo is commonly known as the ring finger.

Apollo’s Mount

This part describes the person’s character. It can provide information with regard to his/her sense of humor. It may also discuss the person’s values. With the help of this part, the person may gain insight about showing his/her true self to others. This part will still reflect the person’s character that may exist up to even an old age. Apollo’s mount is found directly below your middle finger.


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