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Hand Lines

In traditional palmistry, it is suggested for one to look into a single hand when reading. For women, it suggested to utilize or observe the lines in the left hand. On the other hand, men are supposed to observe their right hand during palm reading. Nonetheless, there are some experts which reason out that reading both hands is much better. Furthermore, there are studies which show that the left hand indicates one’s persona. It describes a person’s traits and characteristics which are evident. The right hand, on the other hand, describes the person’s skills, talents and abilities. With this, you may be able to take into account the importance of reading one side of the hand. It is in the palm reader’s discretion to choose which of the two hands must be read into. You may also opt to read both hands for a more scientific approach if you want to.

Stated below are the major and minor lines which can be observed in one’s palm. These lines obtain information highly essential for one to know. Each line represents a certain meaning which is highly important to one’s well-being.

    • The heart line is found in the top of palm. It shows how a person reacts emotionally. It also describes one’s ability to accept relationships and how they can react on certain events which may affect it. It discusses the things related to one’s heart like love and friendship.
    • The head line indicates the person’s mental state. It may be directed towards the person’s intellectual capacity. This line may also be observed to look into certain mental problems that a person may possess.
    • The life line is the curved line in our palm. It describes the person’s life. It allows one to look into his/her life span and how certain things affect the life given to us.
    • The line of affection represents one’s ability to be in relationships until marriage. This line is located in the mount of Mercury. The same with the heart line it indicates more information about marriages and relationships.
    • The fate line, also known as the line of Saturn, is the line which crosses the palm. This line usually starts at the end of the Life line. It may end near the Mount of Saturn. This line indicates the person’s successes with regard to the material goods he/she have acquired. With this, the success of the client was measured in terms of the material things he/she possesses.
    • The line of Apollo indicates the person’s achievements in life. It also acknowledges the person’s failures and successes. This line is usually starts at the top of the Mount of Moon and ends somewhere on the Mount of Apollo.
    • The line of Mercury is almost the same with the life line. Nonetheless, it focuses on the person’s health. This indicates the status of one’s health emphasizing the physical well-being of the person. This line usually starts in the plain of Mars and ends in the mount of Mercury

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