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The Works of Palmistry - I Ching

When it comes to palmistry or palm reading, there are different kinds depending on the methods used. When talking about Chinese Palmistry, one should know Palmistry - I Ching. Basically, it is on the same level as chi, the same flow of energy used in feng shui. Both I Ching and chi rely on geographical direction, the seasons, and major elements, which are viewed as dualities that lead to a wonderful and interesting palmistry system.

The I Ching method ideology says that the hand has 8 mounts at each of its cardinal directions as well as the points in between. This would be the north, south, east, west, northeast, southeast, southwest, and northwest.

When studying Chinese Palmistry, it is recommended to use the Handy Octagon technique. Basically, it looks at the palms as an octagon-shaped entity. The south would be the top of the fingers while the north is at the bottom. The east will be the side of the thumb while the west is the percussion side. All these represent each round of the year and the course of the day.

The Southeast, which is located on the Jupiter mount, stands for peacefulness, versatility, and gentle effectiveness. This mount also represents the middle of the morning and early summer. The south, where the Saturn mount is, stands for intelligence, grace, insight, and refinement. It’s also the mount for early midsummer, when sun is at its highest, and noontime. The Southwest is located on the Apollo and Mercury mounts. This mount shows the ability of one to receive with passiveness and spaciousness. Its timing is during the night and early fall, when crops have ripened. The west, covering the lower Mars mount; stands for completion, fullness, gratification, and satisfaction. In the west, it represents the setting sun and its timing is late fall. The Northwest, which is the mount of Luna, stands for endurance, creativity, and force. It is the mount for daytime and early winter. The North is the mount of Neptune. This mount pertains to the hand’s lower part. It is the mount for midnight as well as the hard and cold during middle winter. The Northeast, covering the mount of Venus, stands for the time of waiting, calmness, restfulness, and patience. Its timing is the dawn when the day is about to start and late winter when people are waiting for the arrival of spring. The East, which is the mount of the upper Mars, is considered as an area for activity, energy, and awakening. It is the mount for early morning and it also stands for the beginning of the year or spring.

Traditinal Chinese Palmistry has all the mounts as family members. The northeast is represented by the father. Traditional I Ching helps support deep thought and self-examination. It can also help the person enter a state of consciousness that is also brought by meditation. Believers feel that the key elements to making successful readings are the wisdom of the reader and his knowledge on the old interpretations.


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