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The Significance Of Palmistry Lines

Have you tried looking at your palm? Have you wondered what the lines mean? It is said that these prints are unique. If that is the case then would it be possible to gain valuable information through these palmistry lines? Many are skeptics but there are many who believe. Palm Reading is an art. Only real palm readers can harness the full potential of palmistry but they do not keep the meaning of each line to themselves. Our palms have four major lines according to palm readers and they are the heart, head, life, and fate line.

The heart line is the horizontal line at the upper portion of the palm. This line is said to refer to the emotions of a person, his relationships, and the physical state of his heart. The different positions and lengths of the heart line can tell the emotional quotient of a person. Does he easily fall in love? Is he happy or depressed? These questions are answered by the heart line. Next is the head line. This line is located below and parallels the heart line. This defines the overall intelligence and comprehension of someone. It can be seen through the head line whether a person is creative or adventurous or realistic. The Third line that is positioned below the head line is called the life line. The life line is all about the overall wellness of someone. It may refer to the physical well-being and also to life changes. This line may also describe the energy level of someone whether he is easily tired or if he has more than enough. Then there is the fate line. The fate line is easily remembered because among the four it is the only one that intersects. The fate line is about the external factors. It defines how the person is affected by things that he cannot control. The fate line can be easily described as something related to destiny. Some say destiny works its way to create the path of someone. The fate line can tell if he is the type of person who goes with the flow or if he is the type to go against it.

These are the four major lines in the palm and probably the first thing that anyone who is interested in palm reading should know. It is said that these lines changes over time that is why palm reading is considered by many as a form of entertainment only. Palmistry may be just a form of entertainment only if it used by someone who really do not know the art. Only a genuine palm reader has the capacity to read even the smallest lines on fingers and palms to provide an accurate psychic reading. Anyone who is interested to give palm reading a try must go to a real psychic reading to avoid being misled by those people who claims they know an art they have not really mastered. Palm reading is a powerful way to gain insights if harnessed by those who know the art at heart.


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