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The Life Line

This is located just at the bottom of your heart and head line. It may start at the edge of your palm up until the very bottom of it. Try to trace it in your palm by looking in this location.

The length of the life line indicates the life span you have. If you have a long life line, you are expected to live longer. Nonetheless, if you have a short life line, you may expect to have a shorter life span.

The depth of the line also plays an important role. You must consider this to gain insight of one’s health status. If the line is deeper, the line indicates one’s wellness in health. The person is expected to be in great shape and healthy for a long time. Nonetheless, if the line is not too deep, it indicates illness of the person or having a weak immune system. Precautionary things are suggested to this person as to not worsen his/her shape in health.\

The life line may also appear in multiple. The number of lines also possesses a meaning. A person having a number of lines is expected to be more cheerful and enthusiastic. A person, on the other hand, which has lesser number of lines are expected of having low vitality in activities. This line indicates the sociability of the person.

If there are breaks in the life line, it may indicate sudden changes in the palm bearer’s life. These changes may either be negative or positive. It could be in a form of happy blessing, accidents or even illness. Thus, it depends on the person on how he/she will take these changes.

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