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The Heart Line

The heart line is normally located at the top of the palm. It is the line found at the top most part which extends from one’s middle or index finger up until the pinkie. If you find this line, you may start observing this, your heart line.

Know where your heart line starts.

If the line is found under the middle finger, you are a person who views love selfishly. You tend to become more into positive gain for yourself.

However, if you have a line which starts from under your index finger, you are bound for a happy love life ahead of you. You may have a healthy love life in the future.

If the line falls in between your index and middle finger, you are someone who tends to go with love easily. You are easy to give in and thus must take this as a precaution.

Observe the length of the line. The line indicates the concern of the individual in terms of sexual relationship. This involves you being more involved in romantic relationship for sexual purposes.

A shorter line indicates a person being more into sex rather than having a stable and passionate relationship.

Nonetheless, if you have a longer line, you are bound for a long term relationship and sex is no issue for you.

The heart line may also vary in terms of straightness. This part allows one to know one’s ability to use their emotions given a certain situation.

It was said that a person with near straight heart line has the ability to control his/her emotions. Thus, the person is known to be a strong individual even when faced by troubles and worries.

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