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The Head Line

This line is found in the middle of the palm. You may be able to locate it just at the bottom of the heart line. It lies across the whole palm which makes it more evident. Locate this line in your palm.

Know the length of the head line. With the characteristic of this palm line, you may be able to know what mental type you are in. If the line is not that long, you are regarded as a more physical type. If it is short, you are a more mental type person.

The curve of the head line shows the attention span of the person. If you have a curvy head line, you are regarded as someone who has a short temper. You may easily snap out in an instant. Thus, it is suggested for you to look into things closely before reacting. If the head line is close to straight, you are more patient and thus may allow you to think consciously. This may be a pro most of the time. However, it may appear as a con sometimes. You must remember to take this in a positive way.

This line may also appear broken. Observing it may let you know the way you think. If the line is broken this means that you are not consistent with the decision making skills you have. You must be able to know that this is a negative characteristic and thus must be prevented as soon as possible.

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