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Palm Readings and the Elements

Every person may have a unique line characteristic. With this, you must be able to point out the personality tricks that the palm lines entail. Here are some guidelines that may help you how to palm reading. Essential part of palm reading is looking into the person’s hand shape.  It is important to look first into the hand shape before closely examining the lines. The meanings of some hand shape characteristics are also stated below.


With being in the earth element in, you may be able to see that your hand shape is most likely appearing to have thick skin. You may also observe that the length of your fingers is as much length as your palm is. You tend to become very practical. You are comfortable working with what you can touch. If you are not able to see things with your own hands or feel the texture against your skin, you are more likely to disregard a close examination with it. You are more likely to deal with something tangible. . You enjoy material goods than emotional assessments presented to you.


People in the air element sign may observe that the palm is lesser in length than your fingers. You may observe that your fingers are slightly longer than your palms. You are witty because of your intellectual presence of mind. Other people may appreciate this radical attitude towards life. It is your personality and thus must be truly appreciated. At times because of your socially active state, you tend to become shallow. Here, a person under this element may appear spiteful and cold towards dealing with other people. This happens only when the Air element person thinks about things that highly sadden him/her. Opposite with the Earth element people, you are not into physical objects. You tend to work well with things that are intangible. You let your mind do the work. You are more comfortable when dealing with things that only appear in one’s mind.


People in the water element have very long yet flexible fingers. However, the width of the fingers is much lesser than the width of the palm. You are most likely to appear as an introvert for some people. These people might mistake you for being such kind but it is your prerogative if you will choose to be one. With this, you must be able to find your personality for the better. . They are also accommodating and provide an easy way to deal with them.


With being in the fire element, your fingers are observed to appear shorter while your palm is longer in length. Opposite from the water element, you are considered to be extrovert. Most of the time, you do not only deal with the things that regard yourself. You care for others as much as you like others to care about you. You become more conscious with the characteristics of your personality. You go with the flow but still rooting in your own thoughts and instinct. With this, you gain composure and strength in facing life challenges ahead of you.

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