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More Palm Lines

Stated below are the major lines observed in palm reading. Palm reading provides an extensive use of these lines to interpret and see a person’s inner self. Palm lines play an important role of not only knowing a person’s characteristics but also the life dealing ahead of him/her in the future.

Life Line

The life line mainly discusses how a person’s health would be for the remainder of his/her life. It involves how his body would react to certain changes required by the environment. When the life line ends at least one inch above the end of the palm, the person’s life expectancy will be longer than usual. This line is found between the index finger and thumb. It continues down up to the base of the palm.

Head Line

The reading obtained by observing the head line may affect one’s perception on knowledge as if it were to be the key to success. It deals with one’s attitude and philosophy in life. A palm reader may provide the client with sufficient pieces of advice in becoming a more capable person fit for any job offered to him/her. This is the second most important line in palm reading. The head line is located above the life line. It starts in between the thumb and index finger and extends until the other side.

Heart Line

The heart line provides one with insights to their current love situation and how they handle their relationships. It is important to know more about this line because readings gathered by observing the heart line may help one to become a better lover. It is the line which begins under the index finger and/or middle finger up until the edge of the palm towards the pinkie finger.

Health Line

The health line describes one’s material wealth rather than physical vitality. If this line is missing, the person is expected to acquire less material needs than those who posses it. The health line is found bellow the little finger and extends towards the base of the palm.

Fate Line

The fate line is also called as the destiny line. The readings allow knowing the events and activities participated by the person. It also discusses how the society affects one’s personality. When the fate line appears strong and deep, the more fate affects your life than your own will. If the line appears broken or changes direction, one should expect numerous circumstances brought by change which you cannot control. This line is found in the middle of the palm and extends towards the middle finger.

Fame Line

The fame line allows one to see the rewards of his/her success. It is said that those people who do not possess this line can still be successful. Nonetheless, this success will not be thoroughly known by the public for confirmation. This line begins at the base of the hand and runs up to the ring finger.

Travel Lines

The travel line describes one’s trips and how its number affected your life. It allows one to see the impact of these trips to a person’s life. This line starts at the edge of the palm at the side of the pinkie finger and runs horizontally.


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