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Functions & Types of Palm Readers

Palm readers use different techniques in providing service to their clients. Among these techniques are chiromancy which is the reading the lines of one’s palm and chirognomy which is the reading of the bumps in the palm. Palm readers interpret these features in one’s hand to analyze the character of the person. These pieces of information about the client suggest predictions with regard to his/her future. Palm readers are also referred to as hand readers, hand analysts and Chirologists. Some palm readers are also psychics and fortune tellers.

Functions of palm readers        

Palm readers analyze the features on one’s hands. These lines in the hands indicate one’s character and predict the future. With this in hand, the clients may easily grasp the idea of things to do in order to have a better future. The palm readers may also give hope and learning to their clients in terms of relationships, health and money. Palm readers are considered scientists in psychic science. Nonetheless, there are no scientific proofs of palm lines and actual life events.

Different types of palm readers

Palm readers may also come in different types. There are some which only focus on the sole palm lines. There are others which also take into consideration the hand’s shape, color and texture of the skin. Fingernails and knuckles are sometimes interpreted because these features are dependent on how people where trained. Their personal beliefs reflects on these features and thus essential to be observed. Other palm readers may also depend on the cultural background where they grew up. It should be known that not all palm readers have a standard protocol to look into. It still depends on how the palm reader acquired the palm reading knowledge he/she uses.

Things that should be considered in palm readings

There are different lines to look into when conducting palm readings. A good palm reader knows how to look into the major lines which are the heart line, life line and head line. Some palm readers gather information regarding these lines to provide a better observation and prediction to forecast a person’s future. The style and amount of information must be sufficient enough to satisfy the client’s need to know about their selves.  Palm readers also claim educational background about the service. There are organizations such as the International Institute of Hand Analysis, which is highly respected from giving out lectures to potential palm readings.
Palm readers must see to it that their clients are satisfied with their service. It is expected from him/her to hold certifications from distinguished organizations that can approve of their ability. Nonetheless, it is still important look into the key and essential features of one’s palm. Through palm reading, the readers may provide information to some personal conditions that medical personnel cannot diagnose
 Palm readers have this special ability to know a person through the lines of his/her hand. Palm reading enthusiasts must know that this service is not just for fun but also must be used for a positive purpose.


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